Chula Vista backyard makeover fence mural

Chula Vista Backyard Makeover with the Make-a-Wish Foundation

The Make-A-Wish Foundation, with the help of Southwest Boulder & Stone, other local businesses and a host of volunteers, recently completed a full backyard makeover for a San Diego family. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a nationwide organization whose mission is to change the lives of kids with life-threatening medical conditions. With over 60 chapters nationwide, each chapter raises its own funds to grant kids’ wishes. As a result of the combined efforts of over 10,000 volunteers, donors and supporters, they grant one wish every 35 minutes! Southwest Boulder & Stone is honored to have played a part in granting one San Diego child’s wish.

Patricia, a local girl from National City, San Diego, is nonspeaking and loves being outside. She especially loves being at the park, listening to other kids laugh and play. Unfortunately, their backyard was just dirt, with no money available for a renovation. So, Patricia wished for a backyard makeover.

Chula vista backyard makeover dirt yard

Patricia’s backyard before

Jenna Martin, an employee of Make-A-Wish San Diego for two years, informed us that the organization is seeing a rise in wishes for backyard makeovers. “So many kids with illnesses get stuck at home and consequently feel isolated. A space where children not only enjoy themselves, but that they also feel proud and confident to invite friends over to enjoy with them, drastically improves their life,” Jenna shared.

Chula vista backyard makeover before picture

Chula Vista Backyard Makeover – Day One

For Patricia’s wish, Make-A-Wish organized a two-day project with the goal of completing the whole makeover in one weekend. During day one, the volunteers focused on clearing out the old yard. First of all, the volunteers removed weeds and debris. In addition, they replaced the often-muddy soil with Class 2 Base to firm it up and make it easy to walk on, rain or shine. Southwest Boulder & Stone contributed Decomposed granitemulch and top soil to make the ground both attractive and functional.

Chula Vista backyard makeover group of volunteers
Volunteer pushing mulch wheelbarrow in chula vista backyard makeover project

Chula Vista Backyard Makeover – Day Two

The real fun started on the second day. The Make-A-Wish team spirited Patricia and her family away to a nearby hotel for the day and night, while a group of 60 volunteers from Make-A-Wish began the rest of the transformation. With the family away enjoying a much-deserved mini-vacation, the bulk of the makeover was a great surprise when they returned!

Chula vista backyard makeover volunteers painting fence mural

Since Patricia responds well to colors, a local high school painted two murals in the backyard. Also, the team added turf, a pathway with fountains, benches and a play area. By the end of the day, they finished a complete backyard makeover!

Completed chula vista backyard makeover

Patricia’s backyard makeover after!

Finally, Patricia and her family returned home on Monday morning and were overjoyed! They immediately went out to play in the yard and Patricia is loving it. Southwest Boulder was humbled to be a part of this project to help one local girl. After this rewarding experience, we look forward to working with Make-A-Wish in the future to offer our support as they continue their wonderful work right here in our local community. If you know someone who might be eligible for a wish, please contact Make-A-Wish and refer a child. If you are interested in donating to help change the life of a child and support wishes like this being granted in our community, visit the Make-A-Wish giving page and select Make-A-Wish San Diego or your local chapter.

Thank you, Make-A-Wish volunteers!