Built on Big Bear Lake, this newly completed custom home designed by Maturo Disegna took almost four years to build. Every aspect of the home is completely customized thanks to a joint effort between Maturo Disegna and Construction Junction.

Guy Maturo, Principal Designer at Maturo Disegna, worked with the home’s owners to create this one-of-a-kind alpine retreat, situated right on the edge of beautiful Big Bear Lake. Mr. Maturo partnered with local builder Mike Hastings of Big Bear’s Construction Junction to oversee the day to day operations.

An expansive patio of Gold Quartzite flagstone welcomes you as you approach the lakeside house. Baja Cresta Natural Thin Veneer frames the exterior foundation, while matching Baja Cresta boulders anchor the surrounding landscape. “Countless tons of stone made the trip in multiple truckloads from Southwest Boulder” says Maturo, and this stone can be found throughout this incredible project, both inside and out.

Inside the home, unique stone features create a special atmosphere. Barkwood flagstone veneer adorns the walls in the stairwell and in a nearby game room for a rich and rustic feel. The Navajo-themed bathroom is centered around an eye-catching sink: carved and polished from a solid, single Turquoise boulder.