The recently completed Kaiser Permanente hospital in San Diego is setting the standard in green design and technology. The 600,000+ square foot complex has a myriad of sustainability features and is only the fourth healthcare facility in the world to be certified to LEED Platinum.

Over two miles of walking paths surround the building, reclaimed water is used to water the landscape, and all patient rooms have a direct view of landscaped areas. The rock seating areas and water features provide a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere for patients to enjoy as they recover.

Equally important to the designers was blending into the local community with native plants, trees and stone to reflect the natural landscape of the surrounding area. Natural stone was of key importance in this project, providing a sustainable base for the extensive landscaped area.

An incredible 6,000 tons of rock was supplied by Southwest Boulder & Stone, with boulders hand-selected by our team to ensure Kaiser received the personalized and attentive customer service that is a key tenet of our company.