gravel, pebble, wall
los ranchitos yard, lawn, tree

The Deep Rooted team set out to give the new homeowners a front yard that they could be proud of.

gambler's gold, yard, pebble
deck, decomposed granite

The main goal- Create a drought-tolerant landscape that required minimal maintenance and water.

pebble, wall
Pebble, DG, Decomposed Granite, stepping stones

Before the renovation, the Lakeside homeowners had an unremarkable front yard. Their yard consisted of a large amount of greenish-brown grass and one mature tree.

DG, decomposed granite
gravel, dg, decomposed granite,

The results were incredible. The Deep Rooted team gave these homeowners an outdoor living space of their dreams.

Deep Rooted Designs focuses on drought tolerant landscapes, offering quality, creativity, and sustainability. To see more of Deep Rooted’s projects, visit their website at here.