Can I pick the material I want by hand?

Yes! Please visit one of our seven Southern California locations to hand-select your stone. Our sales specialists will help you tag material for delivery and answer all of your questions.

All stores carry our most popular products, but since we have over 5,000 items they are not always in stock at every location. If you want something specific or if you don’t see the material you are looking for, chances are we can order it for you.

Yes, we have both. Sales and clearance items are store-specific and are posted monthly on our Promotions page. We also recommend signing up for our monthly email newsletter or following us on social media.

Because natural stone is a product of nature, we include the following disclaimer on all sales: All stone is a product of nature and cannot be guaranteed for color, shape, uniformity, or tendency to fracture. The variation of color, shape, and texture is inherent to and an integral part of the characteristics of natural stone. Installers should be aware of and discard any irregular or abnormal piece that might be present prior to installation.

Southwest Boulder & Stone weighs every product before it is sold, ensuring that you are only paying for what you actually receive. We try to as exact as possible, but with bulk material there is some estimating; for example you may order 25 tons but receive 23.7 or 25.9 tons. We use county-certified scales to guarantee you will only be charged for the exact amount delivered.

When you see a product that has a minus behind the size like 6"- (minus), it means that all rock larger than 6" will have been removed while anything smaller than 6" is left behind and is what you will get. If you want nothing but the crushed rock with no smaller particles, request the screened rock. Most DG is a 3/8"- material meaning it may range from 3/8" rock down to very fine particles (like sand size).

There is no minimum quantity required for purchase. If you need a small amount of material, we will bag it in 1/2 CF bags. Our 1/2 CF bags are ideal for container gardening, potted-plants, and more. *Quick Tip: Call ahead to have your bags ready when you arrive!

Sometimes it’s more accurate to sell by the weight than by the yard. Products that are very light such as wood mulches and compost are sold by the cubic yard (CY). Stone is heavy and is sold by the pound or ton (2000 lbs.)

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