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Landscaping with Boulders, Episode 2

Watch episode 2 of our 5-part video series "Landscaping with Boulders" presented by owner Michelle McLeod. Episode 2 outlines how to choose the right type of boulder and the ideal size for your...

A New Spin on Landscape Rock in Fullerton

Southwest Boulder's newest landscape rock and supply superstore goes vertical in Orange County, offering thousands of products through a modern warehouse design.

Landscaping with Boulders, Episode 1

Watch episode 1 of our 5-part video series "Landscaping with Boulders" presented by owner Michelle McLeod. Episode 1 covers the basics of adding boulders to any landscape design.

Creative Landscape Activities for Kids

Landscaping with stones and fountains not only makes your backyard look nice, it can provide a safe environment for children to learn about nature and more.

DIY Gabion Basket Mailbox in 10 Easy Steps

In less than 10 easy steps, create your very own custom gabion basket mailbox. Interested?

Succulent Garden – Debra Lee Baldwin’s Expert Advice on Stone Selection

Debra Lee Baldwin shares her expert insight on the role rocks play in succulent garden designs in the newly revised edition of Designing with Succulents.

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