Soil and mulch protect plants and conserve moisture, which reduces the amount of water needed. Mulch also slows erosion and weed growth and can add valuable nutrients to the soil. Types of mulch include wood, bark, soil, sand, compost. Rock or aggregate combinations are ideal for drainage with specific surfaces and projects. Examples of this usage are projects such as bocce ball courts, driveways, and filler areas.

Bark, Mulch, & Topsoil Coverage Calculator

Finding yourself asking “How much mulch do I need?” Well, look no further! Our coverage calculator is the perfect tool to help you determine the correct amount of bark, mulch, or topsoil you need to get the job done right!

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Southwest Boulder & Stone provides nationwide bark, mulch, and topsoil delivery, ensuring customers across the country can conveniently access high-quality materials for their landscaping needs. Additionally, we offer local bark, mulch, and topsoil delivery services and pickup options to specific regions, enhancing the accessibility of our diverse range of landscape rock.


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