Landscaping With Boulders, Episode 1

Today we’re going to do a short introductory talk on boulders. We’re going to talk about the who, what, and why of boulders. We’ll talk a little bit about:


  • Why boulders are used in landscaping
  • What options are available when choosing stone boulders
  • How they’re used in front and backyard landscapes
  • Helpful hints on boulder installation and placement


Stone boulders are the perfect addition to any landscape design. Often referred to as garden boulders, boulder rocks, and even big rocks, they can provide great accents to your front or backyard landscape.

“Whether grouped to create a focal point or used for functional features such as walls or water features, boulders help connect your landscape to the surroundings.”

– Landscaping Network

Boulders can compliment any landscape style due to the wide variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and textures.


Why Use Boulders?

Boulders will add dimension and depth to any landscape design. Let’s say you have a very large, expansive lawn, or let’s say you got rid of your lawn with the water rebates. Adding a boulder draws your eye in, creates interest, and gives you that third dimension. You have length and width on the lawn, but bringing a boulder in adds height.


Boulders also are beautiful. It’s really hard to outdo Mother Nature. She has given us infinite options in terms of patterns, colors, and textures. Lastly, adding boulders gives permanence to the site. It’s as if the boulders were there long before you were.

What Kind of Boulders Are Available for Purchase?

You have a multitude of options to achieve the look you want. You’ve got different shapes, different sizes, colors, textures, and compositions.

Boulders present us with endless options for increasing our interest in landscape designs.

– Michelle McLeod

What Are Boulders Used for?

Benches — You can put two long ones together for sort of an L-shaped bench. You can use the rounded-top boulders in the garden for benches. You can use stools, again, some rounded-top ones to put stools around the barbecue. You can use them for stepping stones in the garden, flat ones. You can use them for a dry stream bed. You can build a dry stream bed or you can also use them for a water feature or a waterfall. Lastly, some people use one singular boulder as an art piece or a focal point in your garden.

When adding boulders to your landscape design, be creative and have fun. There is no right or wrong way when adding boulders to your landscape,  it’s your yard so do what you like.


And remember, the hardest choice you’re going to have to make is deciding what boulder you want. For more information on landscaping with boulders, stay tuned for upcoming episodes in this 5 part mini-series or jump over to our blog post titled “Adding Landscape Boulders to Your Yard.”