What Is “Stabilized” Decomposed Granite?

Published on: May 17, 2023

What is Stabilized Decomposed Granite?

Stabilized decomposed granite (DG) is a popular landscaping material made from decomposed granite that has been mixed with a stabilizing agent, such as a polymer or resin, to create a more durable and long-lasting surface. DG is a type of granite rock that has been weathered and broken down into small pieces, creating a sandy texture that is often used in landscaping projects.

How is DG Stabilized?

Stabilizing decomposed granite involves mixing the loose granular material with the stabilizing agent, which is then “activated” when sprayed with water and allowed to dry. The stabilizer binds the granite particles together, creating a solid and durable surface that is resistant to erosion, cracking, and shifting.

How Is Decomposed Granite Stabilized?

Choosing Between Stabilized and Non-Stabilized DG

Stabilized DG and non-stabilized DG are both commonly used as a low-cost landscaping material for a variety of outdoor projects. However, there are some situations where stabilized DG may be a better choice than non-stabilized DG.

High Traffic Areas

If you are using DG in an area with heavy foot traffic or vehicle traffic, such as a driveway or walkway, stabilized DG may be a better choice. Stabilized DG is more resistant to erosion and can better withstand the wear and tear of heavy use.


Sloped Areas

If you are using DG on a sloped area, stabilized DG can help to prevent erosion and maintain the integrity of the surface. Non-stabilized DG on a slope can wash away over time, especially in areas with heavy rainfall.


Dust Control

Non-stabilized DG can produce dust, which can be a problem for people with allergies or respiratory issues. Stabilized DG produces less dust and can help to improve air quality.



Stabilized DG requires less maintenance than non-stabilized DG. It is less likely to shift, rut, or develop potholes, and it does not need to be regraded or replenished as often as non-stabilized DG.

Selecting the Right Type of DG for Your Project

In general, if you are using DG in an area with heavy use, on a slope, or if you want to minimize dust and maintenance, choose stabilized DG for your project. However, if you are using DG in a low-traffic area and want a more natural look, then non-stabilized DG might be a more appealing choice.

Stabilized vs. Non-Stabilized DG

Huge Selection of Decomposed Granite

DG Products at Southwest Boulder & Stone

Southwest Boulder & Stone has a huge selection of decomposed granite to choose from. Each DG product is available in stabilized and non-stabilized versions for your convenience. For you DIYers out there, we also carry a selection of stabilizers that you can spray on or mix with your existing DG!

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