Save on the best-selling landscape supplies at Southwest Boulder & Stone’s Fallbrook branch. Located directly off the 15 freeway just minutes from the city of Temecula, our Fallbrook superstore has over 15 acres filled with the most popular garden rocks and building materials for sale. With incredible savings on landscaping rocks including river rock, pea gravel, patio flagstone, and building stone, you are sure to receive the best deals around. Enjoy these incredible discounts in store or online by requesting a quote today.

15% Off Cherokee Gold Crushed Rock (3/8″)
15% Off Indian Gold Crushed Rock (1/2″)
20% Off Horse Creek Crushed Rock (1/2″)
20% Off Thunderstorm Flagstone (Patio, 1.5″-)
15% Off Cherokee Gold Crushed Rock (3/4″)
15% Off Mexican Beach Pebble (Roja, 1″-2″)
15% Off Baja Cresta Boulders
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