Mexican Beach Pebble - Black Buttons

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Product Description

Our popular Mexican Beach Pebbles are now available in thinner, button-like pieces! Crafted by the relentless waves of the Pacific Ocean, these Mexican Beach Pebble Buttons are smooth and round in shape giving them a uniform appearance while ensuring a level surface.

These flatter pebbles are not only ideal for enhancing your outdoor spaces but also perfect for unleashing your creativity in painting and crafting projects, allowing you to bring a touch of Mexico's coastal beauty to your creations.

  • Color Charcoal-blues
  • Geology Granitic
  • Product Uses
    • Accent areas
    • Drainage and erosion control
    • Pathways and walkways
    • Edges and borders
    • Ground cover
    • Plant topper
    • Aquariums and terrariums
    • Water features

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