Joe and Tod, homeowners in the Vintage Hills area of Temecula, undertook this yard transformation themselves. Their goal was to replace a lawned portion of the right side of their front yard with drought-tolerant plants and rock complementing the existing landscaping.

The homeowners began the project by transplanting kangaroo paw, yucca, lantana and jade plants. Some of the plants made the journey from their former home in Long Beach and others came from thinning out existing plants in the yard. In addition to designing the space together, they also installed the project themselves.

The small, light gray boulders and cobble were already located on the property and closely resemble Sierra boulders. Gambler’s Gold 3/4″ crushed rock was used to create the “islands” around the plants, with 3/4″ gray crushed rock to fill in the larger areas. Premium Sunburst pebbles in the 1″-3″ size finished the area off as the border with the neighbor’s property.