Can I get DG in other colors than brown?

Southwest Boulder carries more than 15 different colors of decomposed granite. Visit our Decomposed Granite product section for color options and availability. Once you have chosen a few favorites, visit any of our landscape superstores for free samples and pricing.

If you want a more structured surface for your pathway or backyard, you can add a soil binder to the DG. We carry both an organic powdered binder and an inorganic liquid binder. Both options will stabilize your DG when wetted and compacted. For best results, we recommend using a licensed contractor for any large installations.

The industry norm for DG coverage is about one ton for every 100 square feet at a 2" depth, compacted. We recommend installing 2" depth of DG for pathways and 4" for driveways. Check out our Step-by-Step Decomposed Granite Installation Guide for more info.

Decomposed Granite or "DG" is a combination of 3/8" granite pieces and granite fines. The fines in the DG make the material well suited for ground cover, pathways, and driveways. Stabilized DG includes a stabilizing agent that prevents the material from moving. Stabilized DG provides a harder surface that is perfect for high traffic areas.

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